Specialty Lumber

Specialty Lumber
Tanner Lumber Company

Tanner Lumber Company searches the globe to find some of the world’s most beautiful and figured hardwood lumber in cuts ideal for a wide range of applications from flooring and cabinetry to decorative woodwork, trim, molding, furniture-making, and much more. We are unable to guarantee the regular or continued availability of these wonderful materials.

If you plan to use these unique items for a larger project over a span of time, our suggestion to you would be to purchase plenty enough to cover your project, as well as a bit more than your usual anticipated overage. Please contact our team with any questions you may have or to check up-to-the-minute availability. Call Tanner Lumber Company at: 304-636-1088.

Curly Maple, Sassafras, Curly & Wormy Oaks,
Curly Cherry, White & Radiata Pine, Hemlock & More

If you are planning a decorative wood project, be sure to check our listing of available decorative and specialty woods often. Our specialty wood buyers continually strive to locate the strongest, most attractive, and aromatic hardwoods and other specialty wood items to make woodworking projects extra special. Some of the more rare and unusual woods you may find here include: Basswood, Elm, curly and wormy Maple, Sassafras, and other species.

View our most recent stock sheet below and let us know if we can provide any additional information for you. Please note that if you do not see the item on the list, it is unlikely that it is currently in stock.

Specialty Hardwoods
Specialty Stock Sheet Kiln Dried Specialty Lumber

As always, Tanner Lumber Company sources all of our lumber with respect to global forest sustainability.